How the Heart Works Game Quiz Online


That wasn’t so scary, but if you’ve ever been startled by a loud noise or a horror film lately, you might have noticed your heart beating very quickly. Even right now, that little organ is pumping blood throughout your body. Ever wondered how it does it?

Prove that you’re heart-smart by acing our test on how the heart works!


What is the average resting human heart rate for adults?

A.20-40 bpm

B.40-60 bpm

C.60-80 bpm

D.80-100 bpm

A human heart weighs approximately…

A.100 to 200 g

B.250 to 300 g

C.500 to 700 g

D.1 kg to 3 kg

The two upper chambers of your heart are the right and left _______, while the two lower chambers are known as the right and left _______.

A.ventricles, atria

B.atria, ventricles

C.atria, bicuspids

D.tricuspids, ventricles

The right atrium receives __________ blood from the ______.

A.oxygen-poor, vena cava

B.oxygen-rich, vena cava

C.oxygen-poor, aorta

D.oxygen-rich, aorta

These three thin tissue flaps open to allow blood to flow into your right ventricle.

A.bicuspid valve

B.bicuspid vein

C.tricuspid vein

D.tricuspid valve

Your left atrium receives __________ blood and pumps it into the ___________.

A.oxygen-rich, right ventricle

B.oxygen-rich, left ventricle

C.nitrogen-rich, left ventricle

D.phosphorus-rich, left ventricle

The _____________ bring deoxygenated blood into the lungs, while the ____________ return newly oxygen-rich blood back to the heart.

A.pulmonary veins, pulmonary arteries

B.pulmonary veins, capillaries

C.pulmonary arteries, pulmonary veins

D.pulmonary arteries, vena cava

Atrium means “_________” in Latin, while ventricle means “__________”

A.entrance hall, little belly

B.belly entrance, little hall

C.little belly, entrance hall

D.little entrance, big belly

The left ventricle is the strongest chamber in your heart. Why?

A.It pumps blood out to your lungs

B.It pumps blood out to your entire body.

C.The pumping pushes oxygen gas into the blood

D.It pumps blood out of your body

The right ventricle pumps blood up to the _____ through the ______________.

A.brain, bicuspid valve

B.brain, pulmonary valve

C.lungs, pulmonary valve

D.lungs, tricuspid valve

The ______ valve lets blood flow from the left atrium to the left ventricle, while the _______ valve opens to let blood pump from the left ventricle to the aorta.

A.mitral, tricuspid

B.bicuspid, mitral

C.aortic, mitral

D.mitral, aortic

__________ refers to your heart rate being too fast, while ________ means it is beating too slowly.

A.Bradycardia, tachycardia

B.Brachycardia, tadycardia

C.Tadycardia, brachycardia

D.Tachycardia, bradycardia

All of these are tips on heart-healthy nutrition, except for…

A.minimizing processed or fast food

B.cutting down on sweet, sugary food and drinks

C.drinking sodas or alcoholic drinks daily

D.eating plenty of whole grains and vegetables daily

Physical activity helps regulate your blood pressure, cholesterol, and weight. At least how much time should you spend being physically active each week?

A.1 hour

B.1.5 hours

C.2 hours

D.2.5 hours

Most adults have a normal blood pressure reading of ______.