Factors Affecting Seed Germination Activity For Kids

Science activity for kids in 3rd to 6th grades. Seed germination is the process of a seed growing into a plant. Without this process, we’d have no plants. This is why the factors affecting seed germination are highly important. There are four main factors that affect seed germination. The four factors are: moisture, air, temperature, and light. Each factor is just as important as the other, because without them seed germination is impossible. Fractors affecting seed germnination

Moisture is an important factor because without water, a plant will not survive. A seed will not grow into a plant without water. It is impossible for a seed or plant to grow without water. Without it, a plant will die and a seed will dry up. This is why people water plants, and rain helps to water the plants that people do not or can’t.

Air is an important factor for many of the same reasons moisture is. A seed, however, doesn’t get all that much air being buried in the ground. But, a plant will die without it. However, people don’t air plants. They’re buried in soil and get air on their own.

Temperature is an important factor for similar reasons, but not exactly the same reasons. Without the proper temperature, the plant won’t grow. If it’s too hot, a plant will dry out. If it’s too cold, the plant could freeze. The only thing a person can really do to help this is having the plant in a pot within their home, depending on the plant.

Light is an important factor because all plants thrive off of sunlight. Plants make their own food from the sunlight. This process is called photosynthesis. However, a plant cannot make its food if it dries out. As mentioned before, that is why it is important for the temperature to be right, but it’s also the reason it’s important to water plants. The water and the right temperature prevents the plants from drying out.

These factors are highly important to seed germination. Without these four factors, there would be no plants, and without plants we wouldn’t have many of the wonderful things we have. Things like vegetables, fruits, trees, flowers, etc. All of these things grow because of these four factors. Without these things, we would not have vegetables and fruit to eat. We wouldn’t have flowers to give to our loved ones, we wouldn’t have trees – which produce oxygen that we breathe. Without these things, nothing in this world would be the same.


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