Experimentation on Magnetic Levitation For Kids

Science fair project for 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th graders. If you haven’t seen this process in the past or heard of it then it may look like some magic but it isn’t as it is simple science. Magnetic levitation is a process by which an object supports itself in the air without any object holding it.  It can also be seen as the process by which an object is held in the air just with the help of magnetic force. magnetic levitation science project

This is a very interesting topic that you will like once you get the grasp of it. It is even possible that you have seen it work in the past without knowing that it is magnetic levitation at work.

The Materials That You Need

And magnet
Please note that for the magnet you will need two and not one. This is because magnetic levitation experiment doesn’t happen with one magnet. To make it easier the magnets need to be of round shape with holes in between them. And they have to be of the same sizes to make the weight equal.

How to Commence the Process

Now you must have noticed magnets do have a way of having themselves attracted right? That means if you have to bring the two magnets for this experiment together, they will attract each other.

Also, have you noticed that depending on the sides of the magnet, they don’t attract each other but rather, they repel each other. You can try it out. Get the two magnets and bring them close to each other. Are they sticking together? If they are then that side doesn’t attract and but repel.

If you want to know that side that repels, turn one of the magnets and bring them close to each other again and you will see that they don’t want to stick to each other.

How to Do It

Now take one of the sides that are repelling each other and then get a table that you can use to tie one of the magnets. Tie it up to the extent that it is suspended and put the other magnet under and you will see that the one on top is suspended without any support.

Another way to do this is to put one of the magnets under the table and leave the other one on the table. You will also see that the force that is repelling them is what is suspending the one on top of the table.


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