Electromagnetic Induction Experiment For Kids

Science Fair Project For Kids 3rd to 7th Grade. Today we will be learning how to carry out an effective Electromagnetic Induction Experiment. The aim of the experiment will be to carefully observe the magnetic fields that are created by electric current. We are also going to observe the movement that can exist between magnetic fields and current as we go on. This is what electromagnetism is all about. To explain the reason behind how current interacts with different fields.

The Materials You Will Need for This Experiment Are:

You need a toggle switch
Get an electrical tape
Get 2 batteries. One should be the one for lantern and the other should be ordinary battery. They should have 12 and 9 volts each. That is to say the lantern battery should have 12volts while the other battery should be 9 volt.
Get wire cutters
Get some paper clips
Get a copper wire that is thin
A metal nail that is a little bit long
Once you have gotten these materials ready, it is time to get the experiment started.

Procedureselectromagnetic induction experiment diagram

Get the toggle switch and then attach one end of the wire that you have gotten to it. Please note that it is on just one end.

A solenoid needs to be created and the way to have this done is to make sure that the wire is twisted around the nail as many times as possible. I would prefer that you do this up to 50 times in other to make sure that you don’t have to do it again.

Immediately you are sure that your nail has been covered by the wire in the above process, that is when you will now have one of its sides taped to the negative terminal of the battery that is 12V.

You will have to get a piece of copper wire and then use it to connect the toggle switch’s negative terminal and that of the 12V battery’s positive terminal.

The next thing that you will need to do is to have the toggle switch put on. Get the paper clip close to the nail and make your own observations. The major question is what do you observe? You can remove the 12V battery and use the 9V battery instead. Then again observe the difference.

The finding is that the current produced by the 12V battery will be stronger than the one produced by the 9V battery. This is because for the 12V battery, the magnetic force pulling the paper clip will be more than that which will be pulling it with the 9V battery.


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