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Label the tooth diagram quiz online. This is a bilogy quiz online for children in 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th grades. In this quiz on tooth anatomy, students will learn how to draw and label a tooth. Each tooth has different parts and each part plays a particular role. This quiz is interactive and feedback in instant. Students can freely practice and home or in school. This is a great free teaching resource for parents and teachers. There is a worksheet below on a tooth diagram to label.

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Label Teeth Diagram


Digestion begins in the mouth. When we ingest food in the mouth, our teeth help us to chew the food into tiny particles that can be further digested when they get into the stomach. The ability of the teeth to chew hard food particles into smaller pieces tells of an organ that is built tough to resist breaking off. The tooth is made up of three distinct parts as follows: the crown, the neck and the root. Each part is further divided into other distinct units with each one displaying a unique characteristic. The crown is made up of the enamel; the white hard part that is visible from the outside. It is what we brush with tooth paste to keep clean and void of bacteria. Directly underneath the enamel is the dentine and underneath the dentin is the pulp cavity. The pulp cavity contains the root canal within which are blood vessels and nerves. The sensitivity of our teeth is accounted for by the presence of these sensory nerves underneath it. The neck is the section that is in contact with the gum. The gum itself is the red or dark part to which our teeth stick. The teeth are actually stuck to this section by what is called the root. Think about the function plant roots play; it is the same function the roots of our teeth play. They stick our teeth right into the bone passing through the gum. The roots are held in place in the gum through what is called cement. The terms used to label a teeth diagram are familiar words you see in other contexts. Check out the worksheet below for more practice on how to label a tool.