6th grade science board games, pdf printable

6th grade Crocodile board game template6th grade Pirate science board game

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Game rules >>>6th grade science board games, pdf printable. The pirate board game and the crocodile board game can be used to review sixth grade science topics like: Heat and waves, electricity and magnetism, cells and their functions, the adaptation of plants and animals to their environment, classification of organisms, processes that take place on the Earth's surface, Earth movements, light and more. Below are a rich collection of cards on different topics which students can use as an accessory needed in playing this game. Once your game boards are ready and you have your cards also ready, look for chips and a dice, constitute a team of two and start playing. The game can also be played by two students and can used both in a calssroom setting as a group game or at home with parents helping kids to review their 6th grade science skills. The pirate and crocodile board games are so much fun and have been energizing classrooms across the world. Follow the links above to print the boards and the rules and the links below to print out cards on various science topics.


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